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After being a top in several fisting flicks Eric Evans wanted to see what bottoming was all about. Wilhelm Dragon and Sean Storm were more than pleased to help him make his dream cum true. Once these guys got started, there was never any doubt that Eric could do it (turns out he has been a secret size queen for decades!!!). In the most shocking performance of his 10-year-long career, Eric is the picture of male sexuality as he takes an entire fist up his hole, laying on his back the whole time.

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Filmed on a lavish, Arabian inspired set, ruggedly handsome, ripped and sexy Dirk Jager reaches deep inside and dominates Matthieu Paris. Dirk’s thickly muscled forearm sinks effortlessly into Matthieu’s ass all the way to the elbow! Matthieu writhes in pleasure, as he presents his ass for Dirk’s demanding paw, while eagerly chowing down on Dirk’s thickly veined, uncut cock. Matthieu then maneuvers back to the bed, standing up high so that Dirk must punch upward, which he does, bringing Matthieu to a head spinning climax.

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